"Art is standing with one hand extended into the universe and one hand extended into the world, and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy."

Albert Einstein

about zsuart

About me

Hello, I'm Zsuzsa Canjavec, a holistic artist and practitioner from Hungary.

My journey as an expressive artist and holistic practitioner has been deeply transformative. Through the use of expressive art and the therapeutic qualities of colors and visual art, I have discovered a new way to express myself and navigate life's changes in a healthy and creative manner.

My holistic approach to art is an extension of my work as a freelance holistic practitioner for both individuals and companies. My holistic practices, which include yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques, and Tibetan healing bowl therapy, have not only helped me personally in dealing with life's challenges but also enable me to assist others on their own journeys.



As an artist, my work is characterized by emotionally charged visual art, drawing from traditional gestural and abstract expressionism. I create powerful, multi-layered paintings that explore themes of sudden change, emotions, finding harmony, and the beauty of life.

My creative process involves a wide range of media, including acrylics, spray paint, pastels, and natural materials like sand and plaster. The composition of my artwork gradually takes shape through an intuitive process of addition and erasure, guided by the principles of artistic composition and driven by my feelings and emotions.

These lyrical paintings are imbued with the energy of raw emotion, vibrant colors, and layers of dynamic brushstrokes. My connection with visual art has been instrumental in helping me cope with life-changing experiences, embark on new beginnings, celebrate life's moments, navigate grief, and rediscover myself during major life transitions. Creative art has always been my healthiest form of self-expression.

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